Granite OH was opened by Monica Walker, Director/OH Nurse Manager, and Jen McHugh, Director/Business Manager in July 2017.  In May 2019, they welcomed Mark Hepburn,  Director/Counsellor & Psychotherapist, to the team.

The idea of Granite OH was formed when they realised that a high-quality, personable occupational health company was required in the North East of Scotland. This type of service is required for all companies, big and small.  Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience developed through more than 29 years in the occupational health industry.

Monica, Jen and Mark are supported by a team that have a combined total of over 20 years supporting companies with their occupational health requirements, across a wide range of sectors. This allows them to work with companies in providing a high level occupational health service to all employees. 

Supporting the company, both within in the two clinics and at client sites, are a great team of administrative and clinical staff    

Dr Alan Macklin - Medical Director

Dr Josipa Vujoka - Occupational Health Doctor

Dr Comfort Fummey - Occupational Health Doctor

Angela Taylor - Occupational Health Nurse

Nicola Stewart - Occupational Health Nurse

Emily Duncan - Senior Client Support Co-ordinator

Carol Johnston - Client Support Co-ordinator

Grace Hepburn - Client Support Co-ordinator/OH Technician

Granite OH also work with a number of OH providers throughout the UK, allowing for companies to utilise one provider for their entire workforce.  

 If you would like further information about any of our services please contact a member of the Granite OH team on 01224 766918 or email